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What I Wear to Yoga {Eco-Friendly Clothing}

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Disclosure: this video was sponsored by YogaClub. All opinions are my own – I genuinely love what I received from them and highly recommend getting their box!

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  1. Michaela Kilian

    I was actually hoping for a video on actual eco friendly clothing. Synthetic clothes will release micro plastic in the washing machine. I hoped this would be a video on non synthetic alternatives. And also this was definitely an advert rather than giving us information about eco friendly clothing.

  2. Daren D

    I took yoga for 1 week in college. The only thing I enjoyed was the flattering outfits worn by the ladies, haha. For real, though, it’s a real workout! We even have “hot yoga” here in Seattle… I’d pass out from dehydration(!)

  3. happens2bvegan

    I am enjoying your videos and energy more than I ever have. I am so curious as to what has brought about this renewed vigor and spirit, and you are looking great! Is this the new eating habits, do you think? Are you dating someone? WHAT IS THE SECRET TO THIS NEW GLOW YOU HAVE? and the clothes were great! but it is not that. You are back to posting more too……Come on, tell us what is going on, I want some.

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