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What Should I Wear To Yoga Class?

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This is a question that dervered to be answered in video format and here to help we have Ava! She is more than qualified to tackle this question and goes in depth on the subject! Please go thank her @

A good shirt to wear to yoga is one that is form-fitting without being tight or binding. Whatever shirt you chose, try practicing a range of motion in it before you leave the house. This will ensure you can move freely and that you’re not exposing more of your body than you are comfortable with during a certain pose.

Chose one that doesn’t have a plunging neckline and fits your body well—a loose shirt or a low neckline will leave you exposed when you bend or twist into a new position.

Wear a sports bra to a Bikram class. During Bikram or Hot yoga, you will get extremely warm. Women may want to opt for a sports bra in order to stay cool. Sports bras are typically categorized by impact level; a low-impact bra is fine. For men, going shirtless to Bikram is an option. Source – wikiHow

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