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  1. ChubbyChipmunks123

    Ugh. I love yoga pants! They are so comfy! AND JUST BECAUSE some horny dudes are gonna be ‘distracted’ and ‘bothered in class’ because girls wear them, doesn’t mean they need to blame girls. All my friends wear them for comfort!

  2. Daisypinket100

    my school banned yoga pants and i was so mad, i used to wear them every day and then all the sudden they banned them. I dont even think they thought they could ban them i loved wearing them THEY ARE SO COMFY OMG O_O

  3. AbsoluteMdot

    Good!!! Girls need to learn how to dress themselves instead of always wearing leggings and yoga pants. Whetever happened to wearing a nice pair of jeans or respectful dresses and skirts. Leave something for the imagination

  4. solarvolcano

    It’s just when the girls wear them too tight it distracts ~85% of the guys from learning and staying focused during all of school. The loose ones are absolutely fine and would distract very, very few people. To be more effective, just ban all the really stretchy tight jeans and shorts.

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