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  1. Mary Carla

    Gorgeous dresses! But man, those were some of the saddest looking “Disney princesses“ I’ve ever seen. I understand catwalk models are supposed to look like that but geez this is Disney, you can smile just a little bit. 😄

    1. Tess d'Urberville

      @Jennifer Fitzgerald Yes! I am so tired of seeing brides in the same ill-fitting strapless gowns walking down the aisle as if they have never worn a dress before, let alone a gown. I thought the models were lovely!

    1. Hello, I am wrong but

      @Alex Vause and i didnt ask for u to comment that. Lol (nooo srry i hate confontation i just had that comeback ready lol..pls dont hate me..i agree with ur comment otherwise)

    1. Ioana Irimescu

      i bet they can custom make the colour of any dress the colour you want based on your tradition.some countries have red some have white wedding dresses. and some don’t have a specific colour.i for one would wear the red snow white dress or white belle dress

    1. Midori Matsuda

      Also I don’t think these are being marketed to Americans. Look at the text in the extended description and the audience. Not all cultures wear white. Also I want the sleeping beauty dress so bad, surely there is no occasion too informal for a ballgown?

    2. Honey Bee

      You know honestly white wedding dresses didn’t become a popular wedding tradition until the reign of Queen Victoria. When she wore a white dress to her wedding. Until Queen Victoria women would wear whatever beautiful dress they had on hand for the occasion. So the white wedding dress tradition hasn’t been around for as long as you think.
      Just a little bit fun trivia for you. 🙂

    1. •Driizzling Flxwers•

      @galaxyminto first of all, they probably did the dresses for the princesses that they had a clear picture of what the really fancy dresses looked like on them and what the color scheme was for that princess. Second of all, it’s they’re, not their.

    2. skeiiNronan mom

      I’m going to assume because these are the most “popular” for the “age group” that would be wearing them considering they are meant to be wedding dresses. Though I think dresses inspired by those would have been beautiful!

    1. Ariana Capraro

      kyrah hunter I thought ariels green dress looked more like Tianas movie wedding dress 🤷‍♀️ my only two problems with this show were 1- where IS Tiana?? 2-Elsa should have walked by herself, she didn’t have a love interest in the movie and they put her with a guy 😒

    1. Faraway -

      @barbie annie frenchie Not anything to do with her being a so-called feminist. I’m a feminist, doesn’t mean we’re all dumb af. Also, saying corsets are bad is actually against feminism bc corsets were a symbol of freedom for women.

    2. barbie annie frenchie

      @Faraway – the typical answer a feminist would give honestly, she ruined the movie because of her unprofessionalism and brought her personal pet peeves into the movie instead of being graceful and not taking the role politely.

    1. Kimberly Arrington

      Logan is Lost Logan sweetheart if you want to wear a dress you were one lol if you want to wear a wedding dress just to make you feel good you do it lol. And don’t listen to haters and when your big day comes wear what you want God bless you honey

    1. JessyBee1313

      I am so tired of seeing Aurora in pink…yes, that was Flora’s intention but for the majority of the movie she was in blue! Love seeing her in blue…or even purple like they did with the 80s VHS cover!

    2. E. C.

      Flora: No make it PINK!

      but all jokes aside I feel like they should have made one of those half and half dresses so from one angle it looks blue from another it looks pink and another it can look purple!

  2. Kishinuma Ayumi

    The ones in the begining are beautiful but they don’t really look bridal.. they just look like very good costumes of the movie dresses.. comes the white wedding dresses.. idk they seemed a bit meh to me.. beautiful! But for some reason the “frozen” aspect of it seemed to be very muted.. but then again if someone wants a frozen themed wedding, these would look great

    1. Justaviewer

      All are beautiful, the precision of the gathering, fit and the length when they turned and the dress stayed in place, great seamstresses produced these. Art in action. Big 👏 to Disney!

    1. Danny Dubrowa

      @Crystal It feels and looks like the dress does honor the 1991 Belle and with a touch of historical accuracy with a small amount of modern twist. It really is a lovely and better Belle gown.

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