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Why Women Shouldn’t Wear Yoga Pants, Jennifer Lawrence Backlash, and Trump’s Armed Teachers Proposal

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CNN Town Hall:

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CNN Scripted Question Controversy:

Trump’s Comments on Arming Teachers:

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  1. Ashlee Todd

    As an educator I would NEVER bring my gun to school. I have a concealed weapon permit and actively use it at the range. I am scared of some of the special education children and their outrage on occasions. It’s hard when they throw chairs and things at you, let alone a gun as a potential factor.
    Also, the SWAT team thing is fair too. I refuse to bring a gun around kids, it’s an accident waiting to happen.

    1. Drellistenstomusic

      You think they go into these schools thinking “yeah, I’ll do this, then get away clean, like the rest of the shooters.” They know they’re most likely going to die. They don’t care. They just want to hurt people. Whether it’s 2 or 20, they want to inflict pain.

    2. sabin97

      “The bigger question in my mind, is why are kids going crazy, what has caused this total lack of respect for human life?”
      well that’s a question for psychologists, psychiatrists and neuroscientists.
      the bigger question in my mind is, why does usa allow mentally unstable people, who are prone to do school mass shootings, have guns?

    3. Dylan C

      You don’t seem very smart considering you’re a teacher. The children shouldn’t know you’re carrying if it’s “concealed carry.” You would only need it in case of extreme emergency.

      The fact that you don’t trust yourself with your own safety concealing your own weapon makes me question your capacity to own such a high calibre pistol.

  2. Philip DeFranco

    If ya wanna skip around, here ya go!

    Why Women Shouldn’t Wear Yoga Pants: (0:06)
    Megan Fox Comments: (1:41)
    Jennifer Lawrence Picture Controversy: (2:44)
    Belcher Wins Kentucky Seat: (5:09)
    CNN Town Hall, Parkland Shooting, and Trump: (8:03)

    See ya tomorrow… Maybe. We’ll see. Maybe not. You’ll have to tune in and find out. 😉

    1. Alexa B

      The part with the judging women wearing revealing clothes during the winter really got me, cause despite being a woman I was always upset whenever I saw another woman with their legs exposed when it was fucking snowing.

      My thought process behind it was half judging and half concern. Judging cause I thought she’d rather show her body than to not get sick, and concern because what if she gets sick?

      And at the same time I dress quite revealing during the summer. Now looking at the situation it can be argued that I have no reason to be feel like a hypocrite since I feel to be revealing in the summer than the winter, but the main point in the dress code thing, is that women should wear what they want to wear, what makes them feel confident, pretty, herself.

      Jennifer wearing the dress in the winter is no different from me wearing booty shorts and a crop top in the summer: we both felt confident showing it, no matter how judgmental people were about it.

      It’s the equivalent of cosplaying as your favorite anime character despite the weather: the dedication of playing the part despite the weather makes you happy. You like it when you show off the hard work you put into the outfit, and you don’t care what happens as long as you get to show the outfit off, even at the cost of catching a cold.

      That’s how it was with Jennifer, with me, and anyone else who has dressed to impress despite others’ judgment.

      So Phil, thank you for this from the bottom of my heart.

    2. Matthew Baka

      Hey Phil you probably already knew this but it’s important to create a distinction between people who have unwanted sexual attractions to children and people who molest them. Most pedophiles never touch children and equating them with child abusers can cause them to not try to find ways to get help. Thanks.

    3. NeroMephistopheles

      Yea right… Women wear Yoga Pants for activities, not because they pretty much show every little detail of their lower body. That’s why the very same women who claim that, post instagram pictures with their backside as the mainfocus of the picture and many times they even do the work out wrong, just so you even see more….


    1. Flying Birds

      Arming teachers put the situation into more trouble. You can’t imagine what is running in the mind of teacher when a disobedient or indisciplined student confront a teacher.

      A Mentally ill teacher also put the lives of innocent people into trouble. Just tight the security of the Schools.

  3. Author Lindsay Mead

    I think it’s interesting that people looked at the Jennifer photo and worry that’s she’s freezing. I looked at that photo and wondered why the men looked like slobs. Sure, that’s harsh, but they’re all wearing jeans–fraying jeans, at that. Why is she dressed for the red carpet and they look like they’re going to visit their parents for Sunday brunch? Is she way overdressed or are they underdressed? At the very least, next to that gorgeous dress, they do look like slobs.

    1. Mini Ann

      Author Lindsay Mead because everyone wears what they want to wear and judging men or women for it is ridiculous. They don’t look like slobs, they look like they wore what they wanted and enjoy wearing what they chose.

    2. prettylittleravenna

      Author Lindsay Mead Totally agreed, that was my first thought as well. Especially Joel Edgerton, his shirt is all crooked and he just looks messy. On one hand I support everyone looking the way they want, but can you imagine the outrage if Jennifer showed up looking like that? Double standards suck

  4. no name

    serious respect to Rubio for going into a room full of people ready to hate him, and just being calm, rational, and articulate the whole time. I don’t agree with his politics, but I think this shows some integrity.

    1. sneakerset

      If you’re looking for serious respect, there’s a Utuber out here who cut up his AR-15 – with a chop saw. Every single hater on the venue is over there – screaming from top of their pointy little heads. Maybe Rubio could buy a chop saw, and get creative on a cheap Chinese rifle…


      I respect you for respecting him for that, I also thought it was a good move by him, how do you feel about people calling him a killer for his political views? I feel like that is happening far too much right now and it is NOT productive in coming up with solutions…

  5. Alexa

    A measure was actually just passed out in a rural county here in Colorado that they plan to arm teachers that want to do so voluntarily. They will receive training, a weapon, and mental health assessment. It takes 20 minutes for emergency personnel to arrive, and the testing and providing of weapons to teachers is cheaper than hiring a full time security guard.

  6. gingerbatch1

    The complaints and convos about yoga pants are ridiculous. As a woman who has arthritis in my knees and hips and other medical issues that demand I wear COMFORTABLE clothing, i wear them often. I damn well don’t wear them for anyone but myself and my own comfort, so get over it.

    1. Gekokujo76

      Well said…and I think it’s safe to assume that arthritis related ailments are to blame for America’s malls being full of teens in yoga pants. Not sure what people are missing about this. Nobody is wearing yoga pants as “fashion”.

  7. LogicallySpeaking

    Megan Fox’s comments are, essentially, applicable to all jobs. She kept saying people don’t understand actors are just commodities to the movie industry. She may not be able to tell from her ivory tower, but we all deal with the blatant fact that companies place a higher value on profits than they do on us (i.e. their employees).

    1. Farez Mohammed

      Yeah, how dare she bring a problem many people are dealing with into light? Famous and rich people aren’t allowed to speak up about any problems. She’s totally the villain here, especially when she said “actors, AND ONLY ACTORS, deal with this problem”

    2. gerry o sullivan

      Its bs that the film companies dont care about your safety,a leading lady breaks an arm.i think they get a bit concerned.After filming is over and you move to a new movie ,well then why should they care about you,your with another company,

  8. Sophia the Phoenix

    Phil I wish you would’ve mentioned how there was an ARMED DEPUTY OUTSIDE the ENTIRE TIME who refused to go in because he was SCARED. Before that detail came out, I supported the idea of teachers having guns. But if a TRAINED DEPUTY WITH 30+ YEARS OF EXPERIENCE refused to step in, who says a FRESHLY TRAINED TEACHER WHO HAS NEVER KILLED ANYONE BEFORE would? Just saying

    1. frank hartley

      Why are the kids and sheriff pointing fingers to nra. If they listen to nra in 2013 this would not have happened. The kids should be asking the government and the sheriff why they didn’t do their jobs. They had sooioo much information before the shooting to take action.

    2. Vivian Ruijin

      There’s a difference between defense attack and killing attack. There’s a difference between giving a usual teacher a gun to kill and giving a highly trained teacher a gun to protect. “Highly trained”, I believe, supposed to mean both physical and mental training.

      If anyone doesn’t agree, do you have any other solution to think of?
      It’s just so many loopholes in the system and the society which will take a very long time to perfect it. This means more chances of mass shooting happens in the future if there’s no practical solutions.

    3. Sophia the Phoenix

      Commander Shepperd I’m not calling all teachers cowards, you need to “rearrange your brain” for suggesting something I never said. What I AM saying is that it’s hard for ANYONE to take a life.

    4. Sophia the Phoenix

      T0xicN0va Firstly, you used the wrong tense of the word “there”. It’s supposed to be their*. Secondly, as I mentioned previously, it’s not easy for anyone to kill someone, even to protect others. Especially because the teachers may know the student shooter, making it all the more difficult.

  9. R34L157

    Holy crap.. Lil Marco Rubio actually looked..well, presidential. He answered questions (this is how low the bar is now unfortunately) and his answers were good and made sense. He might be a asshat but he has huge brass thingimibobs for what he did.

  10. Skulls Lace

    Whether you agree with that politician or not, he actually gave sensible answers. He thought about the questions and answered them directly, without decorum. It is sad that in this day and age, you would actually be amazed by a politician actually doing their job.
    Props to him.

  11. Night Stick

    Huge respect for the senator there, regardless of his words or actions in the past, he showed up. It was an environment where people would likely be hostile toward a him, but he didn’t run and hide in the bushes, or bulls hit his way around it – he faced the criticism and anger head on and responded as best he could.

    I don’t agree with all of his stances, but huge respect for showing up when he didn’t have to, and most others wouldn’t have.

  12. Lyndon Grimm

    Hey Phil so where I grew up in Canada.
    A bunch of our schools (usually grade 9+) had a police officer stationed inside of the school, he was armed.
    I feel like this actually saved a lot of problems.
    Huge fights would break out, people would be held accountable right away, as well as he had the instant backup from more police.
    It could create jobs as well as security in the schools.

    For those with the argument that the individual themselves could hurt students, that is entirely true.
    However I’d say it’s less likely a trained police officer or guard would snap in those situations.
    I feel you give the school guards constant check ups evaluations etc.

    1. tsili n.

      or here is another revolutionary idea for the US.. they could just ban all weapons like the rest of the civilized world has and do away with the mass shootings. Crazy right??? You can argue till the end of time about how to protect schools from shooters but at the end of the day only if you ban guns outright will you ever do away with the problem. Alas americans have the need to sleep with a shotgun or a semi automatic riffle beside them cause ITS THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT!Well then go bury your children and stop crying every time a lunatic grabs a gun from the shop in the corner .

    2. F/T Outdoors

      We have them too, they are called SROs, usually police officers that are assigned to schools. There was an SRO at the Florida school and he didn’t go inside because he was scared, he stood outside the school while everything was happening.

    1. Larsen Garrison

      Honestly, even if those were all talking points fed to him, the angle hes coming at this from, and the fact that he’s taking the road of using facts rather than trying to out-yell or appeal to emotion and nothing else puts him ahead of a lot of politicians on both sides. I can’t ever see myself voting for the man, but I respect the way he comported himself here and from what I’ve seen, this was pretty standard for him.

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