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Women’s Digital Nomad Packing List | Clothing & Toiletries For Minimalist Carry On Travel

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In this video, we’re excited to share the women’s focused clothing & toiletries for our digital nomad packing list with you. View the full list (including all of the unisex items) on our website:

0:00 – Intro
2:15 – Clothing & Accessories
13:59 – Toiletries & Personal Care

Watch the original digital nomad packing list:

We’ve had a ton of comments asking for a Women’s Digital Nomad Packing List, but of course we couldn’t just throw a list together without testing everything extensively first—it’s what we pride ourselves on here at Pack Hacker, actually testing gear—so every women’s focused item we’ve added has seen over one month of solid testing.

It’s also important to note that every item we’ve added still fits into the original bags and organizers. We decided to stick with the Aer Travel Pack 2 because even at full capacity it will work well on a smaller frame.

Aer Travel Pack 2 Video Review:
Aer Travel Pack 2 Written Review:

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    1. JustMalThings

      Firebird I would like to see that as well, not sure if this channel would focus on that though. It would definitely be interesting and i would love to see a packing list for traveling with a pet in general

    2. Night Owl

      minimalist packing list for the city and a bit of the beach. I tend to visit my relatives during the summer in one big road trip and half of them live in the city while the other half near the beach. I always tend to bring a lot of stuff cuz walking through the streets are very different from walking on the beach. Not to mention all the survival gear i take with me as the area where they live is very prone to hurricanes/typhoons that cause floods and electricity black outs lasting up to a week. Any cheap multipurpose accessory suggestions would be great!

    3. Firebird

      A minimalist packing for people who travel with pets/service animals. I see a lot of service animal teams take a lot of stuff, and I can imagine them cutting down on some of it to make it easier to carry it all…

    1. Sally Roth

      Yep, I’m fat and I’d look and feel ridiculous with either one of those but I get the idea, I’ll look for something similar with more material to handle my additional mass. Thanks for the video <3

    2. Christen Scalfano

      @Pack Hacker Totally right! Bras are super personal and frame dependent. But, if you ever update this video, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you test out Knix evolution bra and Luxelift pullover bra. They’ve been the no-wire, roll-up staples of my E cup minimalist nomad life, and I can’t recommend them highly enough! Reversible in nude and black, super high quality, stood up to rickety washing machines and years of hard wash and wear, still good as new. Excellent value for price, ubeatable use to weigh ratio for those who need more support.

  1. From She to Me

    Women’s pockets are 47% smaller than men’s. I’ve written to lots of manufacturer’s and wish more women would do the same. If they don’t/can’t hold a cell phone then I won’t buy them.

    1. Mol K

      The majority of my clothes now come from the mens sections of charity shops, and I seriously think it’s a marketing strategy to sell bags. Every jean should have big pockets, and every single jacket should have zipper pockets (RIP Iphone 5)

    2. jinde75

      I am 6 feet and in my town there is only one store that has clothes that fit me. Usually I try 10-15 pairs of pants to find 1 or 2 that fit. I now elongate pockets. I have one pair of means that is a ‘mens’ jeans. My whole hand fits (I have big hands) and my phone fits. I love it!!

    1. Umi Hagitani

      @Pack Hacker Hi, Rebecca. I use Diva Cup for other reasons. When I go surfing, I put keys and little money in a condom and put inside (of me…) and put the cup as the lid. I wonder if that makes sense, but that’s a hack outside of menstruation.

  2. Cathy Stewart

    I enjoyed this list and the eco-friendly list (I’m vegan). A couple of things I would add would be a water filtration system (a collapsible water bag wrapped around a Lifestraw) and one of those silicon devices (like a GoGirl) that allow women to pee standing up – there having been times when traveling when the bathroom facilities have been iffy at best. A small bottle of hand sanitizer would not be a bad idea either.

    1. Pack Hacker

      Hey Sailing queen – yes the Venus Snap is ideal for travel and the case comes in super handy too. We’re glad to hear it’s working well for you. Thanks for reaching out! 😊🙌

      – Rebecca

    1. Pack Hacker

      Hey Papeeshka – we’re glad you’re digging the packing list, and thanks for sharing your travel tips with the community! We’ve tried and tested the Diva Cup https://packhacker.com/travel-gear/divacup/menstrual-cup/ and the THINX period-proof underwear which comes in super handy for travel, so we hear you! And, those sleeping essentials you mentioned can be a game-changer for those overnight flights and train rides. Happy travels! 😊🙌

      – Rebecca

  3. Samantha Hill Burhop

    I loved your video. But as I am a plus size woman, I am having trouble finding these type of clothes that will fit me. Do you have a plus size woman who could come up with alternatives? We’re going to be going to Whistler BC for skiing. I would LOVE to trim my bags down to a couple instead of my normal 5-6.

    1. jinde75

      I am over 6 feet. I see those clothes and see bare belly short sleeves and pant legs… my clothes usually are very expensive for nothing special. 110-130 euros for jeans or simple black pants.. ugh.
      If you are plus sized, tall or very small like a friend if mine it’s not always easy.

    2. Pack Hacker

      Hey Samantha – thanks for your feedback and for sharing your thoughts with us. I’ll pass this info onto the team and we’ll definitely take this into consideration for our future packing lists. 😊

      – Rebecca

  4. Seleapi

    plus size clothes not only are obiouvsly larger and challenging to pack:most of the clothes showed in this video don’t even come in a XL or XXL size, so it goes sadly unuseful for plus size women..

    1. Pack Hacker

      Hey Flora – we recommend using this packing list as a framework that you can adapt to you and your use case. So, if you prefer a pop of color, feel free to mix it up. Hope this helps! 😊👍

      – Rebecca

    1. FaerieDust

      Bamboo viscose might be a good choice? It doesn’t dry quite as quickly as merino & I don’t think it’s quite as warm, but if you do with thin layers you’ll be fine.

      Sorona is another fabric I’ve seen mentioned, though I think you have a higher chance of finding it as a blended fabric with bamboo.

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