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Yoga Clothes for Men – How to Dress for a Studio Class

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Guys don't have the luxury of walking into Target and finding a wall full of yoga clothing. So, what are we supposed to wear? I took me at least a year to figure out what works for my body! Hopefully, after watching this video, it won't take you that long!

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  1. Laura Burns

    Yes! to more form fitting clothing. As a teacher, clothes that allow me to see the student’s alignment are best. It doesn’t mean they have to be skin tight, just not super baggy. Although ultimately folks should wear what makes *them* feel most comfortable.

    As far as shirtless goes… I find it inappropriate for a few reasons when men remove their shirts in public classes. 1. It’s not fucking fair. I wanna take my shirt off too, but it’s definitely not going to be cool if I practice shirtless and braless in public. 2. You never know what kind of experiences people have had in their lives, and sometimes partial nudity can be triggering. It’s easy to keep your shirt on and avoid potentially creating uncomfortable feelings or situations for people.

    I believe there’s privilege at work here, but I know that many would disagree. I just think it’s easy to keep your shirt on – it doesn’t harm you to do so – and you might prevent annoyance, reliving of trauma, and distraction by doing so.

    1. Marc Settembrino

      Laura, yes! It really helps to see alignment. Especially in poses like warrior 2 where people like to let their knees go… I’m definitely on board with keep shirts on, for the exact reasons you mention! It really isn’t that big of a deal to keep it on. I’m sure we’ll get some dissenters though!

  2. John Russell

    How much do you weigh? I’m only 252 and I’m morbidly obese. I find that term fat shaming. I prefer fabulously plump.

    And how’s come women are encouraged to wear sprayed on clothes and men should wear baggy?

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