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Yoga Pants and other Yoga Questions Answered! (VLOG)

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What kind of yoga pants should you wear? How do you "tuck a pelvis?" Are my knees/wrists/etc. too weak to do yoga? All these questions and MORE answered in this episode of the Yoga with Adriene Vlog!

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  1. Margaret Ingram Melamed

    2:46 “I don’t want you to go and spend a bunch of money” – now that is a really genuine caring comment. No bull**** from you !
    Been doing your yoga for a week now and it is amazing!! I am 64 and have stage 4 metastatic breast cancer and I am finding can do so much of your (“gentle”) videos – even if not perfectly. It is so good and helps me with calmness and sleep as well as felling Good in My Body

  2. lucille aucoin

    I am Lucille, also a yoga teacher.  I am 62 yrs young and live in Toronto.  I started teaching back in the 1980’s as a divorced sole support mom of 3 delightful children.  I worked full time during the day as an office administrator and taught yoga at rec centres and to private clients evenings and wkends.  These days, I love teaching “Chair Yoga” to seniors and folks with mobility issues.  Also gentle yoga to anyone who wants me, and these days its more difficult to find venues as I find the studios want the Barbie Doll look in their teachers.  Its sad but true.  I love being guided by your voice.  When you have taught others for so long, its such a gift to be the one receiving.  Thanks for your yoga and your sweetness and your energy.  I will continue to enjoy your classes for as long as you are online…..Namaste.  You have a great fan in me.

    1. ErykaSoleil

      lucille aucoin : I don’t know if you’ll ever see this, but have you considered just setting up a camera (or nice phone) to record a session with a student or two (with their consent, of course).

  3. TheCutestCurliest

    I watched this video right before doing one of your yoga for weight loss videos and I can’t tell you how it helped, I’ve been doing yoga for a while but I used to be depending more on strength ( i.e. putting pressure on my wrists) rather than the integrity and open-ness of the moves.. I feel SO different and I’m not suffering from awful wrist ache like I have in the past. Thank you! Have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  4. K Bush

    Just started with yoga. I have never experienced it before but was recommended for my depression and anxiety. You are an amazing teacher and you are funny. I am on day 9 of yoga camp and i am absolutely loving it. I’ve always enjoyed “exercising” but can not handle the high intensity for long, I lose interest. I feel amazing being able to do this and connecting mind, body, and spirit. This is perfect for me and you are the perfect teacher! So I just wanted to say thank you. ~Namaste~

  5. Yoga With Adriene

    Absolutely! Yoga is so good for the body and great for the mind. It increases circulation which helps nourish the surface cells. Mindfulness eases stress and the body responds. Both of these things (and more) hydrate and improv even skin town which gives us that natural glow! xoo

  6. Yoga With Adriene

    Absolutely! The postures & breath “techniques” or practices in Yoga will absolutely help you & assist you in finding your ideal alignment as well as help you find your center which could lead to a happier life with less tension. Yoga for scoliosis can be empowering & assist you in elongating, strengthening and overall better (or just more aware, really- “better” is such a strange word) structural alignment. Modify and take your time! I will add this to my list of things to share – video wise. <3

  7. Dinah Soderling

    Your Awesome!  Thank you for all these wonderful videos.  I’m new to Yoga and took classes for a month and fell in LOVE with it, but I cannot fit their schedule of classes in with my work schedule so I made an extra bedroom at my home into a yoga room and now I use your videos and you are so good at explaining things.  Just wanted to say thanks!  And I’m getting my husband and daughter to do it now too!  YAY!

  8. gökotta

    i love your videos! this has been a life changing experience. =) i have scoliosis and TMJ and just always have hated to exercise because it hurts…but i stuck through it and now i’m feeling better. yay! this video confirmed what i was thinking. i love that anyone can do yoga and benefit from it in their own way.

  9. Yoga con Cyn

    Adrianne, I love youuu! ❤️ You are on of my inspirations to start my yoga channel, thank you for sharing this with us! Sending love from Costa Rica 🇨🇷 Pura vida, chica! 😉

  10. Yoga With Adriene

    I love you guys! Thank you for sharing! I am happy to say that I have you covered and a new video for the back is about to hit! First the upper back sequence which is great for shoulders too. Its all connected baby! Stay tuned and please let me know how it goes! xo

  11. Freex Necroanim

    It is sooo crazy going back and watching these videos in 2020. It’s wonderful to watch how Adriene has grown with us! It’s crazy how much she means to so many people she doesn’t even know.

  12. Crystal Dixon

    I just started doing your yoga on the advice of my physiotherapist. I do one of your sessions for lower back pain. I am 61 and I wished I had started years ago. Its only been a few weeks I can already see some improvement in my mobility. You are very easy to follow. I love your low key approach and how you include everyone so nicely. I was telling my nurse practitioner and she also does your yoga. You are fabulous!

  13. Claire Smith

    I’ve done yoga everyday for the last 5 months so I’m yet to see all of Adriene’s videos(hence my late comment). You’re amazing, thank you for changing my life. Love to all my new yogie friends 🌸💙

  14. L Bebko

    You can definitely do yoga with an injury, as long as you’re careful and mindful of what your body can and can’t do. I’m recovering from a bad fall on a snowboard which resulted in a very severe hematoma around my knee and a bruised patella, and I’m still practicing about 4 times a week. I put a second folded mat under my knees for extra support and cushioning, which helps a great deal. I also paid attention to any poses that caused pain or discomfort and often skipped those until I could do some research and find a more knee-friendly modification or alternative. What’s most important is to accept that your practice will likely look different from what it was before and that’s okay. Take some time to get to know your current limits and reassess every week or so as you continue to heel, this might also be a great opportunity to focus on some new poses or work on strengthening your core or upper body. And as for yoga pants, I say the more colourful, the better, and galaxy print whenever possible!

  15. gingergamergirl98

    Just getting into yoga, but I can already tell I’ll be referring back to Adriene’s videos regularly. I just tried the Rainbow Yoga video she did and it makes me feel so content. I’d love to be in Texas and be able to go to her class in person, but her videos are still really good 🙂

  16. Vanessa Stern

    I just stumbled upon your Yoga for Beginners the other day looking to add yoga to my running routine…I LOVE IT!! You’re very soothing and easy to follow and not too ‘woo-woo’ for me! I’ve bookmarked several of your weight loss videos too.

  17. Kristina Urbanova

    Thanks for the video, it really helped me. What you said about the bad and weak ankles or knees, it’s absolutely true. I started with yoga about 1 year ago and I had “unstable” and crunching ankles. They are much better now thanks to the practice but it took time. Greeting from Spain 🙂 Waiting for the next video 🙂

  18. Tashja Lee

    This was a delight for me 😁 Adriene I’ve been doing your yoga classes for a while now, but have never seen any older videos, any like this! I love doing your classes because you always a funny thing to say to help us unwind even more, and with this video I just saw a even more funnier adriene, seeing where u come from 😁
    Loved the answers , actually today I wonder during ur class if I was tuckin in the pelvis right 😁

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