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Yoga Pants Every Day? Motivation to Dress Well | Teatime with Jennifer

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In today's Teatime with Jennifer, I answer a reader question and discuss the recent Chicago Tribune article on yoga pant culture. CLICK FOR MORE…

Amber asks about motivation to dress well when you have housework, exercise and messy play with children. In today's video, I give her my advice.

Chicago Tribune Article: "Unless you're doing yoga, put on some real pants"

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  1. Mary Anne Weightman

    Jennifer your comments are wonderful. No one gets dressed up anymore but when we do dress nicely people take notice. People say you are what you eat. I’d like to add you are what you wear as well.

  2. Danson for Joy

    I’ve been frustrated lately because I’ll put a dress on in the morning, and my toddler will (multiple times a day) come and rub her runny nose all over my skirt. I’ve been tempted to NOT wear my dresses, but I feel so much better in them! I was reminded of your advice to wear an apron, so whenever my runny-nosed sweetie walks up to “snuggle,” I can make sure the apron is between her face and my dress! πŸ˜‰

  3. Eileen Ramspacher

    LOL, the one day I decide to put on yoga pants (because I am staying in all day) you post this! Normally I get up and slip into a swing dress, or a denim skirt and top, or jeans and a top. Today with my yoga pants, I have on a very nice long tunic, my hair is done, and my everyday makeup is on. I do have friends who will wear yoga pants and a waist length workout top everywhere. Not a good look on the 60+ crowd. I wear a size 4 and I would be embarrassed to be out like that. I wear my yoga top and pants when I do yoga, that’s it. Thanks for all of your wonderful videos and books. Even at 70 it’s important to look good and presentable all the time.

  4. Leslie Ring

    I used to be a yoga pants stay-at-home mom until I found your channel! I always knew that if I didn’t take the time to get dressed in the morning, I never felt the day began and therefore lazed around all day. I think wearing real clothes has helped me look at my everyday tasks as important and something to be proud of. Like you said, I would never go to a job interview dressed like I just rolled out of bed so why not look presentable everyday? I feel like your philosophies have really given me more confidence. I have learned that cleaning the house, taking care of my kids, running errands, etc are things I should appreciate and I much prefer doing them when I feel good about myself.

  5. Lucy W

    I’ve started dressing nice at home, even if it’s just me and my one year old and I’m really loving it! I feel so much more put together, motivated, and if someone needs to come over last or I need to run a quick errand it’s not a big deal because I’m already dressed.

  6. Clearing Clutter for Clarity

    Hi Jennifer, I am one who feels yoga pants should not be worn as everyday pants in public. If one is leaving the gym, that’s fine.
    I personally wouldn’t wear them as part of an outfit. Thick leggings are another story if worn tastefully. By that I mean covering up what should be private with a nice long top or dress, and wearing nice flats or boots with them.

    When I am home for the day, I also like to “get ready” because it makes me feel better than if I wore pajamas or sweats all day. My getting ready also includes makeup.

    Lastly, I also love Lucy! I used to watch her on TV. I don’t anymore, but sure do love her.

    Thanks for all your advice!

  7. Amy Hutto

    Hi Jennifer,
    I am a yoga teacher who spends a good portion of my day of course in yoga pants. However, I make a point when I get home to change into “real clothes”. I always feel bad if I have to stop on my way home and run an errand in my yoga attire. So, I agree with you wholeheartedly. It is quite frankly a matter of respect for the people around you.
    Thanks for all you share on the “chic’ lifestyle.

    1. Joanne with an e

      I agree, Amy, about the matter of respect for those around you. Actually, I enjoy wearing yoga pants, but to show myself respect and those around me I always throw on a tennis skirt over them when I go in public.

  8. Sherry Pence

    I’m so enjoying”Teatime”. 😊 I struggled with this issue on dressing nicely while home with little ones, ( They are now 15, 10 and 7)but I came to the conclusion that my wardrobe had to flexible enough to meet my everyday demands (cleaning, cooking, messy projects and even outdoor work in the garden etc…) but still contain items that make me feel presentable and reflect my personal style. One tip I’ve used is to wear jeans and a simple t shirt/camisole with a light weight cardigan or a button down shirt. When cleaning I take off the cardigan put on my grandmother’s apron and get to work. when I’m done I put the cardigan or button down shirt back on. I also have several “go-to” pairs of earrings and a simple necklace I wear daily that always make me feel presentable. Also, depending on the weather (we typically have cold and snowy winters and really hot summers) I can wear skirts or dresses with the same cardigans, jackets and button downs. ☺ Thanks, Jennifer for all your inspiration.

  9. Stephanie Johnston

    Oh Jennifer I so agree with you. Thank you for providing a space for us to discuss these topics. I often feel like the odd one out when I dress up – it’s currently summer here in Australia and people are verrrry casual. I have a story you will love though – I recently went away for a week for work for our sales conference. The dress code was casual and boy did some people take it literally. I’m talking short shorts, singlet tops and thongs (Aussie for flip flops). I don’t have a problem with that for a summer holiday but this was a professional conference! Anyway, our CEO, a female was dressed impeccably every day. She still wore shorts when we were doing a sporting activity but she teamed with a polo shirt and stylish white sneakers AND then she changed afterwards for dinner into a dress. I was standing beside her towards the end of the week when two of our colleagues walked up to her and said, “We just wanted to tell you how much we admire you and how stylish we think you are. We think you should be our First Lady”. Our CEO blushed and was so humbled. I LOVE that she dresses appropriately for every occasion and I think people respect her for it. Anyway, just a little story for you. Thanks again xx

    1. lisa sommerlad

      Yes. I know its hot here at times, but I’m a bit over so much skin in public places. I mean wearing a thong, as in bikini, walking beside a highway, not on the beach. Like, really? You want us to see what you had for breakfast yesterday?
      We don’t have to go all twin set and pearls, but a rethink is not a bad thing.

  10. Complicated Simplisite


    THANK YOU! I love what you said in the video today. I am with you 100%! I think it is disrespectful to your family not to dress well and to yourself. If you were meeting an important political figure or your favorite movie star you would certainly make the effort to look your best. Well, your family is far more important to you than any of these figures so I feel it displays that to your family when you get up in the morning and you dress well for them. As far as the cooking and cleaning goes if you look back 60 years ago you would find women wearing far nicer clothes than we wear today and doing just fine. If your going to get messy with your children thats fine just wear something that is machine washable. Have a simple hair style like a bun or a sleek pony tail and wear light make up. It takes effort to look nice, but i find that you feel so much better and your family respects and appreciates you so much more (especially your husband) that it is well worth the effort.

  11. Vintagebeliever

    I cant wear yoga pants… when I see women wear them and you can see basically everything and their behind giggling, I am like no thank you! My husband should be the only one to see that. πŸ™‚

  12. Elin Guinchoma

    I am watching this video in my lounge shirt and my husband’s boxer shorts (my comfy everyday houseclothes). I recently became a stay-at-home mom taking care of my one-year old baby boy. I feel like I am losing my fashion sense eversince I quit work. I miss putting on makeup and choosing nice clothes to wear everyday for work. After watching this, I am motivated to challenge myself to dress up everyday for 30 days (for now) and see what happens. Eventhough it is really hot right now in Melbourne. I love your books and your channel!

  13. Petra McKean

    I’m so with you, Jennifer. I show respect for myself, my family, and others by putting my best foot forward. I clean my house in older clothes to avoid getting bleach or cleaning products on my nicer clothes. The rest of the day I “dress up” even to the grocery store. People always compliment me and I feel prepared for anything! Clothes CAN make the man, ahem, the woman. Let’s celebrate our feminists.

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