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Yoga Pants Means YOU’RE IN A CULT?!?

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  1. Mark R

    Reminds me of hearing about the “old days” where a woman dresses sexy, gets attacked and the police said she was asking for it dressed like that. Or rapists saying “You made me lose control. It’s your fault”. Yikes

  2. Kissker Venwrath

    the fact he has those thaoughts, means he’s the problem. when i see a woman in yoga pants I think “oh. ok. least they are covered, might be a bad laundry day”

    I dont have improper thoughts to want to do things with them, or if i do have desires, it’s not something that compels and forces me to act on them. I just “enjoy the show”. Don’t comment on it, don’t point it out, don’t draw attention, just keep it to myself, enjoy it, and move on with life.
    Everyone can choose to wear their own choice of clothing. As long as it’s worn, no big deal.

    I have more problems with seeing fat guys without shirts on in public. I too, am a fat man, and I dislike being reminded of my fat, seeing the fat, etc. I still don’t go around saying they need to wear shirts though, because hell some days it’s so freakin hot I understand completely.

    “Satan made yogapants, cuz yoga is a cult” – Christianity is a death cult. Prove me wrong. All your actions are to have a better existence after life- but you suffer through life. Only in death are you rewarded. DEATH CULT.

    His point of view also shows how much CONTROL he craves and is put through. which is sad. No freedom, all control.

  3. S Dragonfly

    I find it interesting that this is someone who cannot tell the difference between leggings and yoga pants. He’s saying they are thin, skin-tight material, dude is describing leggings, Yoga pants are thicker and opaque and it is an umbrella term for a wide range of athletic wear and it’s not always skin tight some of those pants are loose.

    Also what about men’s athletic wear? When it comes to clothes shaming women’s clothes are always the target because we need to be the adjudicator for their lack of self control (not all men, just men like Mr. Yoga Pants here) what about running tights for men, huh? Or cycling shorts? I mean men can have a bubble butt too.

    1. Not Good at Naming Things

      I was confused, thinking, wait, yoga pants aren’t painted on. Am I confused?

      To the point about men and bike shorts, back in the 90s once on my bike, in bike shorts, a jeep full of women honked and one yelled, “Nice butt!” I figured they were blind. It happened once and only once. It was funny though.

      Not a humblebrag because I didn’t think they were serious. I wasn’t hot. I’m still not.

    2. anik monette

      Or Speedos? Remember that piece of “clothing” that was popular in the 90s that left nothing to the imagination?

      I’m bringing this up because he seems like the type of guy who would inflict the sight of his tightly, wrapped up scrotum to everyone who’s unlucky enough to lay eyes on his midsection at a very busy public pool… 😄

  4. Florence B

    Suris: “I will show one of the things that I consider most sexy. And this is one of those things that I want to get an avatar… a model for my character for.”
    My first thought was that you were pulling up a picture of Raz, because she’s your significant other, but I sense that’s not where this is going.

  5. Katie Taylor

    I remember when I read about a law that banned yoga in schools because they thought it was a cult activity, and the town was fighting a battle to overturn the law. People. Peeeoople. If you think yoga is culty you need to try some yoga. Stretch those joints. Loosen up.

    1. Hayuseen

      When people think yoga was invented by satan to summon demons into your body, they think yoga needs to be banned. Same thing with Pokemon being occult ritual magic. Some believe in actual devil magic.

    2. JennOscura

      Yoga would only be prohibited in schools if it had overtly Hindu elements. But if it bog standard secular yoga; then it’s fine. I came across a Christian fitness DVD called “Pray fit” at a thrift shop. That would be prohibited in schools. But exercising in general, no.

  6. Arceus Lord of Creation

    These is the definition of ‘a you problem’ generic sunglass-hat-in car guy. You, like everyone, are responsible for your own thoughts and actions, leave women alone

    Also agree with Suris on the oversized hoodie thing

  7. Phreemunny

    Lol! This guy is clueless. My college roommate met his wife at a party. Their relationship started with a drunken make-out session. 25 years and 3 daughters, they are still in a happy, committed marriage, and he’s a Methodist minister

    1. Saitaina Malfoy

      Niice. There are always a handful of couples that break my “Monogomy is for idiots” trope and I salute them. Even if by some cracked out fucked up chance they got divorced, twenty five years is a fucking long run with someone (I can’t even stand myself longer than a week 🙂 )

  8. A Wyrd-Worker's Wisdom

    And there’s the real problem. Guys like him are “incapable” of looking at women as anything other than a piece of meat. And yet, this is women’s problem rather than a sever personal failing that he needs to work on fixing.

    Also, “if your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out.”

  9. n0etic Fox

    This is really weird, it is like it is 2009 again and we are arguing against VenomFangX. I knew these people still existed but they had left YouTube, honestly, I am glad they are back talking about their stupid opinions so people can argue against them. Also more hot femboys please! Can I get some hot femboy magazine covers? Not having them is gay oppression.

  10. CallenL

    Okay so… I may be misinterpreting this but, at 19:20 he basically admits that the clothes don’t matter. If someone is wearing a long shirt and you’re still thinking about what’s under the clothes then it literally isn’t about the clothes at all. You just see other people’s bodies as existing for your own gratification.

    1. Autobot Starscream

      Or at the very least as being gratifying as well as its other purposes rather than those being mutually exclusive…then against, not sure he’s capable of more nuanced thinking beyond black and white.

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