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Guy wears Yoga Pants in Philadelphia! So Funny! SHARE this video with your friends. Buy the MERCH

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  1. PumpkinMozie

    This is so disgusting. How they treat him like trash when they think he’s a girl and then immediately apologize when they realize he’s a guy. As if women somehow deserve to be harassed and literally SLAPPED in public. As if a woman doesn’t deserve an apology for being treated that way.

    1. RAEMAN ➊

      @mike lag Yeah I like the female body too especially a good looking woman, but you don’t see me screaming at them all the time. It’s always funny until somebody does it to your family member or daughter then attitudes change. And yeah I call it exposed because in the end of the day they were cat calling men so unless you were talking about physics of gay men attraction.

    2. RAEMAN ➊

      @mike lag Nah bro, I ain’t talking about hoes (even though I still think it’s wrong to harass people regardless of what they wear). This is someone who has a fitness pants on. Or it can be a woman with a tight skirt. Based on your comment you seem like the guy that I exactly described. Screaming at girls but dare some guy to do it to women in your family because they are all so called angels.

    1. Jiminchimmy :]

      @Zion A girl could be full on naked infront of you and you shouldn’t be able to touch her without her consent, no matter what they wear it’s not right for guys to feel like they can treat them as property and touch them as you please

    2. Alexandre Bravo

      Exactly ! C’est just un comportement pueril alors qu’il y a énormément de mecs qui apprécie les belles formes et même s’ils étaient gay je vois pas pourquoi en faire toute une histoire. Il croit vraiment que tous les mecs qui sont passé étaient des heteros machos ? Srx dude, retourne à l’école !

    1. L_S X

      @Collin Near My bad, I guess it’s the difference in our culture. Where I grew up, same gender get really close. For example ,Boys would do things like slap butt or sit on other boy’s thigh. No one would take it as some flirting thing. So I kinda think it’s normal between all men in the world.

    2. Yin Nyang

      @Changing With Chad
      Well, that’ll need to change… gender rights shall be equal !
      Or it’s not fair— There needs to be a balance , or what’s the point o’ living ? Especially if you’re a boy and “considered a liar” . . . It’s like
      Misogynistic shame upon us—

  2. Creative Jay - DB

    this is really sad to know 🙂 because they would probably treat a real girl like what they just did to you 🙁 ( poor girl’s 😔 I’m ashame of being a boy , because of this men poor mindset )

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