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Yoga Pants Reveal More Than You Think

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Do you nail your yoga pose every time? These Heddoko pants will take you from a rough downward dog to a perfect plank.

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  1. Neuronwhisperer

    Hey Hannah hey John. I’ve been watching tytu now think tank for about a year on a regular basis and really like it. Sometimes i wish you a bigger audience for the amount of content you’re producing, but the size of this channel also makes a great appeal. I don’t comment very often, but i have noticed very much that you DO read them and you really look at how the community is responding. And please just know that this is greatly appreciated by your fans. Knowing that you actually care for “each viewers opinion” – at least in a way – makes you very relatable and likeable. Keep that up and keep making videos 🙂

    Also: there is no reason whatsoever why i chose this video to post this, it was simply the latest :p

  2. Bryce Clark

    If the tech is accurate enough it could definitely help skateboarders, bmx riders, etc. in getting the proper form for tricks. You could see exactly what you’re doing wrong and correct it.

  3. James Holland

    This could be adapted to be utilized for physical therapy. They could divide the therapy into three parts. Part one, working the physical therapist to see what exercises are needed and demonstrating them. After the patient has an understanding of the exercises, part two begins. The second part would entail utilizing the above mentioned technology to ascertain the accuracy and effectiveness of the exercises as the patient performs them at home. This could help them to make adjustments as needed to benefit the most from the therapy. After a set time based upon the data collected by the technology, part three begins. This final part involves returning to the physical therapist, who after analyzing the aforementioned data, determines the patients progress. This is discussed with the patient, along with any adjustments that are needed. This part concludes once the physical therapist has determined the patient has sufficiently progressed. At the conclusion, the patient may be instructed on an exercise program using the above technology on an as needed basis.

  4. IDontBelieveInPenises

    My Personal Trainer nearly gives me a Heart Attack every day. 30 pull ups? Cmon man I’m 25 and I drive a sports car that has seats made out of what feels like the hardest material known to man. I don’t want sore muscles!

  5. xraydelta100

    Also for sexual training….I could train efficiently and frequently with my partner….he or she would know they are contributing to my learning and doing it for a good cause.   Of course, they need to wear those translucent lulemon yoga pants so my training motivation is maintained at a high level

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