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Yoga Pants To Work?!

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Is it really a good idea to wear yoga pants to work? John and Hannah tell you if you should wear yoga pants at work.

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    1. Daniel

      A real empowered woman. Instead of taking a gender studies degree than complaining why there aren’t many women in higher paying jobs and in the stem field, you should just get a degree to get a higher paying job.

      Props to you

  1. morris donald

    yoga pants are for the gym not job. We expect a little decency at the work place. It is a place of business not a night club or street corner. I feel it is extremely unprofessional. Company’s need to put this in the dress code and ban yoha pants.

  2. 17spyguy

    I think it’d be fine, why shouldn’t you feel comfortable at work, it’d be different if you worked in service or in a position were you have to present yourself to the public in a professional setting or to make an impression, but if you work at a place like TYT or Google or some business where your job doesn’t require you to be on display or interact with others outside your office why not where what makes you comfortable

  3. Le na

    I f*ing wish it was acceptable! 🙁 I’d wear nothing else. I hate my work clothes with passion. >:( I feel like I’m a prisoner in them and can’t wait to take them off. Same with work shoes . Thankfully I’m allowed to wear no make up, which some girlfriends of mine are not. I hope in the future there will be clothes as comfortable as yoga pants and shoes as comfortable as trainers, which will be appropriate to wear in more formal situations

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