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10 Modern Pant Styles Every Guy Should Own

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    1. Troy Truong

      All black looks like you are attending a funeral in western culture. All white looks like you are also attending a funeral in asian culture. Lmao.

      Remember. Contrast!!!!!

      1. White top + grey or brown or olive or black pants(med and dark pants)
      2. The opposite for dark shirt.

    2. John Maniatis

      bro you should not copy and paste a random guy on youtube, you should try different combinations and see what looks good and what does not. Of course there are going to be some failures but you will improve

    3. TJ Tan

      If you wanna stay really clean and chic looking. Stick to max 3 colors on your entire outfit, color block it but make sure colors arent too far off complimetary scale (agree with black grey navy also go brown or earth tones). I personally generally stay away from patterns because it disrupts the overall look of the outfit.

    4. Ishraq Haider

      the best colours in menswear are blues, greys, whites and sometimes brown. they all work well tgt. you can either mix them, or you can wear 2 blues / 2 greys together (in diff shades for the most part). the thing with brown is that some colours may not work well with brown so much, but if you know how to pull it off then it’s good too. black, unlike many ppl say, is not the best colour. yes it makes us look good but it is not as versatile. grey is the most versatile colour. you can google outfits with these colours i mentioned and gain ideas from there. cheers!

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