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DIY Denim Jacket From Men’s Jeans | Jeans Transformation

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Hey gorgeous humans!

In today's video I'm showing you how to make a denim jacket from thrifted men's jeans!

Enjoy! x

Love you humans!*esp those reading this*

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Music by: DJ Quads

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DJ Quads

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  1. lyricwritertoo

    I like your version the best of the jackets from jeans videos ive watched so far. And best instructions. For beginners its hard because formal sewing lessons have fallen off. Ive been sewing for 54 years since age 10. I love that young people are Upcycling only we never called it that. In the 70s i made most of my clothes from thrift clothing and still do but it was more modifications i like the complete reuse of today. I have been upcycling denim jeans for several years now into purses. It’s worth it to save the half off coupons from joannes or any fabric store and buy Ghinghers scissors. They are lifetime sharpening. Have had mine 30 years. But also in the tool department of any home store are utility scissors, made for cutting canvas and leather. Be careful though I slit my thumb badly first time I used them. They are now called the Scary scissors.

    1. Fashion Wizardry

      Aw, your comment made me smile so much. Thanks for sharing the wonderful memories ❤️
      I’ll definitely look for ghingers scissors, hopefully I’m not too scared to use them – thanks for the tip x

  2. cornice Julien

    The reaping of the inseam at 4:00 most times are two chain stitched the can easily be unraveled by the pulling of one thread instead of picking at it….. this will save u alot of times. Just in case u weren’t awear.

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