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15 Pant Styles EVERY Man Needs (ULTIMATE Trouser Type Tutorial) | Commuters Chinos Khakis Joggers

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Video Summary:
Cargo pants – 0:27
Drawstring pants – 0:43
Pajama pants – 1:05
Sweatpants -1:23
Tracksuit pants – 1:34
Joggers – 1:45
Commuter pants – 2:04
Khakis and Chinos – 3:50
Jeans – 4:26
Odd and Suit pants – 4:51
Corduroy pants – 5:22
Moleskin and Cavalry Twill pants – 5:49

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    1. 111danish111

      @Practical Inspiration Hose is a tight fit freak . You will see all the contours of his butt and legs whenever he wears a pant and the pants are also short . You will never see Hose dressed as good as Antonio .

  1. Sneekinabout Om'

    Hey Antonio, just wanted to say thank you for such superb content! This has been a real help for me as I have spent the last several years living and working in the tropics wearing predominately light cotton or linen shirts with shorts, I am now returning to Europe to take up a new job and the advice I have found on your channel has been invaluable! I have two months to turn make the transition from beachfront professional to a suited man of business in Europe and without your inspiration I would be stumbling around in the dark! Looking forward to the next video! JS

  2. Ron Thompson

    Btw, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and staff. Thank you for producing the quality videos and product information you do. It is always professional and filled with good information. I enjoy how you keep things in style and classic, and yet you still meet the modern trends and style. So us “older generation” are covered, and the “younger generation”. Yet you manage to keep both sides professional and classic all in good taste. So, thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of yours and the RMRS staff.

  3. VectorMan ZX

    You keep blowing me away with the knowledge you provide of men’s fashion. I definitely come to this channel when Im looking for style answers. So many other channels are just talking about hacks, hacks and more hacks. Antonio is the man! Thank you

  4. Alao Hogan

    Great vid! Your Sports Coat is absolutely fantastic, from the color to material. What’s the brand? I’ve been wanting a green and this pushed me over the edge. The Rhone is a river in the EU, interesting name to choose. Makes me wonder if there are any links to the owners. As usual, great content! I’m a dedicated Lululemon (previous GF converted me) ABC fan, but if I weren’t, for this sale, I’d probably consider taking the plunge.

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