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Are Yoga Pants Really Pants? w/ Lila Rose

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This clip is taken from a BONUS episode of Pints with Aquinas, my live interview with Lila Rose about her conversion to Catholicism. You can watch the full episode here:

Are yoga pants really pants? Can Christians wear leggings and still be modest?

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  1. Ashley Slack

    Lila thank you for being such an inspiration to me as a new prolife leader. As for growing in Holiness and how we present ourselves, I can honestly say I spent my whole life trying to get comfortable wearing things like shorts in the summer, and spaghetti straps dresses and tank tops. My body type does not lend itself well to those Styles but most importantly I realized that no matter what my body looks like they are not appropriate for anyone. Modesty matters. It was such a liberating feeling last summer when I finally gave myself permission to say I am not wearing dresses and skirts that come any higher than my knee, I will not wear spaghetti straps and I will not wear shorts ever again unless they are pajamas or part of a bathing suit. If Jesus returned right now do I want to be ashamed of what I am wearing before the king?

  2. Nathan Montgomery

    I think that guys need to be on their guard to with modesty. Going to the pool being shirtless with yer pecs n abbs popping telling people that you just “do it for yourself” is not right. Women have become more immodest because men have not led by example in modesty. Your the man, lead.

    1. Finn R

      I agree. If it affects women out there I should make the change. However, I feel that the woman affected are far fewer than the men affected by immodestly dressed women. To put it bluntly, we’re hornier. Eh idk but I’ll keep it in mind.

  3. Steve

    HAHAH I was listening to this while working in another browser tab and when you said “first, yoga pants aren’t pants!” I had to jump back to the video just to see who said that! American-accent Matt is another person!

  4. Tristan Kowalik

    It really depends on what yoga pants are paired with and what is being done. For example if paired with a nice button up shirt or long sleeve for casual wear isn’t anymore immodest than leggings or jeans. Also there isn’t anything wrong with the body so being form fitting isn’t inherently lust provoking, but doing so in an outfit that is worn for that purpose is where lines start to get crossed.

    1. Tristan Kowalik

      @AmorOmnibus ahh okay. I see what you mean, I’n intellectual conversations I really cannot stand it when people tiptoe over things so I really try to avoid doing it myself. I have no problem admitting when I am wrong but I’m very strong at sticking to not doing anything I don’t like others doing.

    2. Tristan Kowalik

      @Catholic POV Even if worded as friendly as possible the point is still the same because we do not most modest clothing because it is not appealing . Even in the most traditional circles women and men wear things that make them look more appealing to each other which makes them and their bodies look more appealing. This is why we don’t force men not to shave or force women to wear complete body and face coverings because that is modesty taken to an extreme.

    3. Tristan Kowalik

      @Βασιλεύς Ἀλέξιος Κομνηνὸς you have a valid point but then we get too far into “preventing scandal” that we do more harm than good. At some point we all trade some modesty for style. If ultimate modesty was the goal we would be all commanded to wear hijabs becauses there’s no lusting after those. Same thing that goes for alchohol consumption, we need to be careful not to scandalize but we need to not take it so far as to outlaw any form of consumption outside of communion like some protestants do. I in no way am excusing the abuses of clothing by my generation, I very much agree with you, but It is also not right to throw the baby out with the bathwater

  5. Sean 90

    Can you have two people on in a debate on whether yoga pants are in fact pants? and on the definition of pants, in the uk pants are underwear, in which case yoga pants would be pants more or less, since they are in effect tights, i was kidding about the debate of course (the debates on this channel are awesome) lol covid boredom typing

  6. Finn R

    It just makes me incredibly angry when I’m struggling with lust(currently fighting a losing battle but I think things will change soon) and women are just carelessly dressed immodestly(tight clothing/lack of clothing). They either realize the effect and don’t care for comfort/vanity reasons or they are ignorant. Especially when Catholic girls do it

    1. Rory Hand

      I do think that perhaps a lot of women are just ignorant. Don’t forget that we live in a culture where you cant even raise these topics without being labelled some kind of sexist. Though it makes me angry too, I must confess.

  7. Angela Lee

    If we were to be intellectually honest, then we need to admit that women find men sexually attractive and men should ALSO be dressing modestly. This is not just a burden for women to carry to “protect” men. Men are shirking their responsibility and you would be lying to say that no woman has ever looked at a shirtless man without lust. Given this, MEN have a responsibility to their sisters in Christ, and should not go shirtless, nor sleeveless and should wear pants that fall just above the knee or go to their ankles. Their clothing should not be skin tight. Chest covered while swimming.

    Otherwise, modesty isn’t about protecting people from their lustful nature. It’s about subjugating women and elevating men. It’s about a separate standard and level or protection offered to one sex and not the other. If you truly believe that modesty is an action of protection and love, then live that. Men, dress modestly, too.

    1. Angela Lee

      @YallCrazy You won’t find it, because everyone ignores it, which is exactly my point. Apparently men don’t owe their sisters in Christ the courtesies they themselves demand.

      Can you tell me what it’s like to wander around not having to worry about what you wear and how it affects others? You see, I wouldn’t know, because I’m a woman, and everything from what I wear when working out, to pants vs skirts vs dresses, to swimwear, to the length of or absence of sleeves and the cut of my clothing, invites dissection, judgment and criticism that I’m “letting down my brothers” and “causing them to stumble,” while my brothers can wear muscle ts, or go without shirts entirely with little to no consideration for the women around them.

      Must be nice.

    2. Sept Cinq

      @Real Catholic Teaching The statement “women be submissive to your husbands” is the only thing you could find because it is the only thing there is. There is nothing in Church teaching that “women are supposed to be submissive” in any general sense. This was referring only to a relationship between husband and wife, it is not found in any other context nor is anything that relies entirely on one quote a very good case regardless of the topic.

    1. Not Amused

      Alot of the ones wearing them, especially the underage young ones, haven’t a clue how immodest clothing affects men and why would they if their mothers haven’t warned them? I’m old enough to know it on an intellectual level but I still can’t empathise because, being a woman, visuals just don’t affect me in the same way they do men and I’m hetero so all I feel when I see these horrible garments is annoyed! I can’t empathise with men on this issue because I can never be affected the way ye are; I can never share your experience! I can only sympathise with the decent men who are uncomfortable about it!
      For underage girls, it’s not even a consideration because they have no idea what men think or feel and why would they? They are naive and innocent! Older young ones may know the effects from what men say and do and some of them do use this knowledge and play on it, but they still can’t empathise. Mothers need to teach their daughters about modesty but it seems to me, many mothers of young girls today just don’t care that their daughters would be being oggeled and leered at by perverts, never mind that most poor men are decent and don’t want to be surrounded by half-dressed young ones and are very uncomfortable about it, especially at Mass!

  8. YooToobgurl86

    I haven’t started watching the video yet, but I just wanted to know, yoga is a practice we are supposed to stay away from right? Because it’s part of the occult? And the occult is sinful?

    1. Sharon Cullen Art

      @Carolyn Anderson this is what I have been saying and this guy is going off on me! They did it at my previous church/ scripture was read or played and they prayed. What the heck is wrong with praying to our God?

    2. Carolyn Anderson

      Anyone every heard of Fr. Jean Marie Déchanet? He wrote the book Christian Yoga. Try saying the Jesus Prayer while doing “stretching” and I think you will be quite safe in Jesus’ arms. For me at least, better to move my lazy butt and do such exercises with prayer than to sit around moralizing about what I know not.

    3. Sharon Cullen Art

      @Kevin I am sorry for your loss of faith. Mine is very strong, and I do not do yoga! I’m disabled. I couldn’t do it if wanted to. I used to, but it is not the movement that is the problem in yoga which was my point. It is the spiritual basis of it that is the problem. God does not care how we move our bodies to stretch. He cares about our beliefs, and how we treat others. Movement is not sacrilege. Beliefs can be. I think I have proved my point. And I have gone through a 4 year program on theology and the study of every single chapter of the Bible and I understand it well. I also understand the Catechism of the Catholic Church well. So don’t worry about me.

    4. Kevin

      @Sharon Cullen Art I think when you present it like that compared to your previous comments that makes sense and it makes me feel better. But I must say that I too believe that like physical movements, sex, money are not to be of evil but can be a blessing when done right according to scripture. Yet, unfortunately many fall and stumble into belief systems and practices which they don’t understand can slowly lead them into deception. And that’s where I see many Christians fail to comprehend that one must be in the world but not of the world, and therefore reading your previous comments made me want to address this concern to you.

  9. Salonsar War

    Good interview. But as as far as yoga is concerned (not talking bout the pants), stay far far away from it. As an Indian who has seen it up close, I can tell you it’s very dangerous fro your soul….. Dont fall for its subtle so called charm

    1. Not Amused

      Isn’t it a form of Hindu worship? That’s what Hindu yoga experts have said anyway so yes, Christians must avoid it as in that case it’d be breaking the 1st Commandment! It can also open one up to demons can’t it? Especially kundalini yoga?
      Anyway, all forms of non-Christian practise are forbidden us!

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