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DIY – How to make flare Yoga Pants/leggings EASY (on a 100 year old hand powered sewing machine!)

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off grid sewing with freelee and her 100 year old singer handcrank sewing machine. no power needed! today i make yoga pants that are simple, beautiful and comfy! you don't have to just wear them to yoga of course, i can see myself wearing these everywhere because they are so soft and flexible.

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  1. wordreet

    The pants are cool, but that Singer sewing machine is beautiful!
    We “inherited” one from my grandmother many decades ago, with a table and treadle, but it went to another member of the family. I got interested in sewing in the 90’s and made kites as a hobby for a few years.

  2. Diana Kim

    Yay! I’m so happy you put this together. Thank you for sharing. Watching your progress as a beginner makes me smile. Keep making things! 😊 I’d love to see more of your crafting, especially if you make more of the crochet tops.

  3. Freelee The BananaGirl

    so i’m definitely a beginner but so happy with how these turned out! if u need any help making them then leave comments below. also any sewing tips you have for me i would love to hear them 🤗
    ps- you may want to cut around an inch off the front crotch to have it sit more snug in front. also a longer stitch is apparently best for stretchy material

    1. Freelee The BananaGirl

      @Chirping Trees haha yeh i have a lot of obsessed fans like that helping further the fruit-based cause. my hair is soooo much better than when i was eating meat, dairy, eggs!

    2. Freelee The BananaGirl

      @Brianne thanks 🙂 i wish i could, i commented in the video saying that this machine only has straight stitch and no zigzag attachment but my other old singer does so i might try it on this machine. that said, it feels great anyway and i think with thread that has some stretch in it i may be able to get away without the zig zag hopefully. thanks for the tip!

  4. Annie

    I still have my great grandmother’s Singer with a treadle and a fold out table. How silly I never thought of using it! It’s just a decoration piece. I’m going to have a go using it now. Thanks Freelee! 🙂

  5. Anna Elisabeth Geißler

    I love that you started to sew! I’ve been sewing for 6 years and it’s so great to see other people doing it too! Love your sewing machine as well, she’s soooo beautiful!

  6. PixelGarden

    These turned out lovely! You can actually stretch the fabric a bit as you’re sewing so that when it stretches as you move, the stitching won’t be too tight and break.
    To cut down on fabric waste, you can also place your pants pattern piece as close to the edge as possible – as long as the placement is in a good place on the pattern design

  7. Courtney Davidson

    Since I’ve gotten into hand sewing (and now prefer it over machines) I have realised how helpful it is to ‘baste’ pieces together – doing a rough running stitch to hold the pieces together which is removed after you properly stitch the seam. It’s much more secure than pins and doesn’t distort the fabric like pins do. It also means you don’t have to stop to remove pins when working by machine.
    It’s makes me so happy to wear things I’ve made myself, especially when I use locally made linen. I’m excited to see more crafty videos from you and will definitely follow if you set up a dedicated channel! ☺️

  8. David Perez

    You know guys love you also ..I’ve been with you since 7 years past ..you changed my life after I change the way that ete after I had a stroke ..your are freelee! All what you do is amazing .. thank you so much . NYC one

  9. Sarah Adang

    They are so pretty, am definitely going to try this! I just started to learn how to sew and it has become one of my favourite things to do💚

    You should definitely make more of these diy tutorials! Love them!😍

  10. Neon777

    I’ve recently got back into sewing as I would sew simple things with my grandma as a child. I’ve figured out some things and it’s so fun. So far I’ve made a bodysuit with flare arms and a sort of dress thing. Next on my list was a pair of pants like this kinda. I’m just trying to decide which fabric to use. Beginner tips I would say learn as many sewing terms as you can it really helps to understand what directions mean and such.

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