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Betabrand Dress Pant Yoga Pants Review: The Real Story

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www.drjagroo.com Denise Jagroo, women's health specialist, reviews Betabrand Dress Pant Yoga Pants.

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  1. Ona Lee Jones-NY

    Thumbs up for keeping it real! I love cookies unfortunately. And popcorn during the evening which makes bloating horrible. I think the pants look great on you. It’s a bit low for me around the waist

  2. Alia C

    I hear you on the bloat issues!. I suffer bloat too and I have a small butt and very thin thighs so when I find regular dress pants that fit my waist nicely they are huge on my butt and thighs and I get that saggy butt look. If I find pants that fit my butt and thighs nicely I have serious muffin top…if I can even get the button closed. Especially after having my second child I have a little bump that doesn’t want to go away so these pants are a life saver for me. I recently bought 2 pairs and plan to wear them to work when I return from maternity leave.

  3. Casey Swanson Tvrdik

    What size pants do you normally wear? I am looking at buying these and from their size chart, I feel like I’m a small. Then looking at their photos saying all their models are wearing the small so I’m concerned I’m a little larger than the models. I usually wear a 4 or 6 and I’m 140lbs.

    1. Casey Swanson Tvrdik

      I ordered a small I’m a little taller than you I’m 5’6″ and small fit just fine but I’m having to return 1 pair because they sent me skinny fit and I ordered straight leg!

    2. Kathy O

      Im 5’2″ 140lbs, im an apple shape and wear 7 or 8. I received my order today one skinny, one straight leg. They were Medium, they fit fine, and if i lose 5-10 lbs, like if I go down to a size 5, I feel comfortable that these will still fit. I think if you’re curvier a medium will work for you, if you have a much slimmer figure you might be able to go down to a small.

  4. maybememory1

    Thank you for this! I have endometriosis, and anything that pushes at all on my abdomen right now is painful. I’ve been wearing these worn-out American Eagle pants that I unbutton the moment I sit down at my desk, and I wanted to try these but worried that I couldn’t wear the styles with the fake button/zipper because I always have to unbutton mine to feel comfortable. I’ve been looking for a review that isn’t just “They’re comfortable”.

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