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How to Get Your Parents to Let You Wear Women’s Clothing | Casey Blake

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Here are a few quick tips on how you can convince your parents to start letting you wear women's clothing. Watch till the end: I talk about what happened when I confronted my father on dressing in girl clothing. Talking to your parents about crossdressing, explaining why you feel this way, gender expression/identity, sexual orientation, coming out & breaking down stereotypes.

No matter what, please remember: transitioning is a very personal thing. Just because one thing worked for someone else doesn't mean you must do it as well. All steps are optional. Also don't feel forced into rushing. Take your transition as slow or as fast as you desire.

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    1. Katie Adams

      My personal advise is don’t tell them, just starting work part time (if your in High School), save money to move out of your parents house while in school, then try and go to a college with dorms. If your parents won’t let you, then just save up to get enough money to move out on your own. I would also strongly recommend getting a credit card because you will need it if you move out right after high school. You will be very broke if you move out right after high school.

  1. Kami Das Good

    I identify as a boy and I would love to wear dresses, like the Edwardian era, 1920s, and 1950s.. Really conservative dresses but my mom says “boys are boys” and “girls are girls”

  2. Darren Chandler

    Your Amazingly incredibly beautiful inside and out,your amazing and so truly wounderful,I’m 20 and your my role model,my inspiration,your my favourite YouTuber in the entire world

  3. AlphaAbsol

    Thanks for the advice, I hope my parents will be willing to let me wear skirts and dresses to university.

    Yeah I know legally they canโ€™t stop me but Iโ€™m the kind of person who really needs their support to be willing to do anything

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