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Ellen Unveils New Walmart Women’s Clothing Line!

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Ellen announced she has a new, limited edition women's apparel line called EV1, exclusively at Walmart! Ellen's partnership with Walmart has helped so many people, and they've given away more than $4 million to those who need it most.

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  1. Marion Archambault

    that’s great do you ever donate to places like the epilepsy foundation the month of november is Epilepsy awareness month purple is our color keep up your great work help as many as you can.

  2. Elise Scott’s - Music

    Ellen is always so thoughtful and so giving she just makes me so happy when she make thousands and thousands of people happy who has inspiring stories to tell. When there is no more new videos on YouTube I always watch Ellen videos on YouTube because she is a good example as a good influential role model. Thank you Ellen for being that for everyone in this country

  3. Brownie Tv

    Ellen it’s not a surprise why Obama gave u a medal 🏅 you’re an amazing person, personally you are the greatest of them all helping people you don’t even know it takes heart and I know u got a big one stay humble and happy just as America should be

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