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Inside the Charity Shop Where Wedding Gowns Get a Second Life | Brides

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Go inside Portland's Brides for a Cause, a bridal salon that doubles as a charity shop and recycles wedding dresses while supporting women's causes.

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Inside the Charity Shop Where Wedding Gowns Get a Second Life | Brides

Producer/Director/Editor: Carly Marsh | Assistant Editor: Savanna Fair

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    1. Sophie K

      ​@Prashansha Kumari When I was in India I did no see any clothing resale shops then . Nor have I see resale shops for clothing in any of the Asian countries I have traveled too. The sari is the traditional wedding dress and it’s sentimental and they want new sari for sure

  1. ArtemisScribe

    my mum’s wedding dress ended up in a shop like this run by Oxfam in the UK. We actually got sent pictures of the next bride to wear the dress because she wanted to say thank you to my mum for donating it. It was kind of amazing

    1. MYSTERY READER (the original)

      It sounds amazing. Unbelievable X3 That’s what I was thinking when that girl said she could feel the love from the dresses. Sort of like passing on the good fortune and wishes from a stranger.

  2. miss bellina

    I think there’s nothing cheap about getting a second hand wedding dress, because it’s actually beautiful that you get to share a part of the happiest day of your life with someone else on theirs. and the dresses are in tip top shape, there’s literally no difference to a store bought one except that you’re paying more and the textile industry is not very environment friendly so it’s always great to buy second hand

  3. Karen Baxter

    I love this story ……. so please brides don’t do those ‘ruin your dress’ wedding photos where people splatter paint over them or set them on fire……. it just seems such a waste. These beautiful garments can be worn again and both the buyer and the people who donate their dresses know it is helping a good cause. Brilliant idea.

    1. TiBun

      The brides who do the “trash the gown” thing are usually brides that cancel the wedding because they find out the groom cheated or something after the dress is already paid for. It’s more of a coping thing rather than just “lets have fun and ruin something expensive”. I personally wouldn’t do it, but I understand why others would do so.

  4. Christina jones

    Does anyone have a phone number or address, I would love to donate my wedding dress. It’s in amazing shape and it was made in 2009, I’ve always wanted to give it to a charity or to go to a charity. Specially now when they need it more than ever.

  5. Jane Doe

    Once? I wore the buttons off of my wedding dress! Then I got out the
    scissors and the old needle and thread and got shorter and shorter.
    Then I dyed it, no easy task! Then I added appliqué to it and other
    embellishments. I seriously got my moneys worth! Lol

    This is very lovely store, God Bless these women. All of them that are involved.

  6. Ms Jingachu

    This is amazing–my local Goodwill always has tons of wedding dresses for cheap and it’s so great these incredibly beautiful dresses are being passed around from one pair of loving hands to the next…

    1. TheFlowMind

      @Silly Weirdo I guess most of the rentable dress are not as nice and I’m not sure you can make alterations.
      So unless you’re perfectly fit and model-like the dress won’t fit you well. Probably shopping in outlets, off-season or second hand is better. Some countries don’t even have many rental gowns. In Italy the culture of second-hand clothing is also rejected since the idea is that only poor people will go second hand and you don’t have to look poor at your wedding. So people end up buying it.

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