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How Men’s Pants Should Fit : Men’s Fashion & Modern Style

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How a pair of pants should fit depends almost entirely on the specific style of that particular pair. Find out how men's pants should fit with help from the New York Editor of InsideHook in this free video clip.

Expert: Danny Agnew
Contact: www.insidehook.com/
Bio: Danny Agnew is the New York Editor of InsideHook. Recently transplanted from Los Angeles to Brooklyn, Agnew comes from a fashion and entrepreneurial background.
Filmmaker: Mark May

Series Description: Fashion plays a big a role in the lives of many men. Get tips on modern style, especially in relationship to men's clothing, with help from the New York Editor of InsideHook in this free video series.

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  1. Kurt Wetzel

    A lot of men especially older and middle aged with bigger bellies tend to wear pants/shorts wrong. This is because they wear their pants/shorts below their belly squeezing into them. These men refuse to,admit they need a bigger size or 2. Nit only uncomfortable but looks bad. In the back the pants stay up but sag down in the belly region and this looks bad. Now a solution buy and wear pants/shorts that fit where you wear them. You should not squeeze into them and the button should button easily and the waist area should not leave marks on your skin. Also the pants should be comfortable to walk in, bend over, and sit in. While it does suck to buy new pants and could be hard with some shopping around and patience you can find the proper fitting pants for you.

  2. Calvin Miller

    cuffs are my favorite part of pants, I can’t live with out them!!! I’m so glad he spoke about it!! I HATE wearing pants that don’t have cuffs,I even wait until my pants get tailored so I can wear them with the cuffs….not sure if CUFFS IS the correct spelling.

  3. Philip

    Hi, I’ve been looking for some navy blue slacks/trousers. I’ve seen some men wear them, the type i like, but haven’t mustered the courage to go ask. I dont know what brand they are, but i dont know the fit. They are not baggy for sure, not classic or skinny by any means. But they seem tapered, wide (or wider) on the top and slimming down (but not skinny towards the heel. It’s not the chino cotton type but made out of a lighter material. Anybody can help as to the fit and can refer me to a brand? Thanks

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