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How Pants Should Fit – Ultimate Guide To Mens Dress & Suit Trousers – Gentleman’s Gazette

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Do you want Pants, trousers, Chinos…That Fit Perfectly? Check out our more comprehensive pants guide here:

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00:00 Introduction

Finding a perfect fit for pants is a huge challenge and although most people look at the jacket, it's a more difficult garment to fit, getting pants to fit properly is very very difficult as well and often neglected.

01:56 Components of Pants

Waistband → the strip of fabric sits around your midsection.
Front & Seat → the area around your butt, between the waistband and upper thighs
Rise → the measurement between the legs from the front of the waistband to the back; Low rise sits on the hip, mid-rise between the navel and hip, and high rise sit at the natural waist ( close to the belly button or directly on it)
Cut → the style of the trouser with regards to how close-fitting it is to the body
Inseam → the finished length of the legs of the pants, measured from the inside seam

One aspect of pants that depends on the current fashion is the fit. If you go back to the 20s, they had Oxford bags which are cut extremely wide, lots of volume, lots of fabric.

04:55 How Should Pants Fit?

A classic pair of pants should never have any puckering, pulling, or wrinkling. A wrinkle that shows that something is too tight is usually in the shape of an X and so you can always tell "Oh, something is too tight here and needs to be let out." Of course, you can only do that if there's enough fabric to let the pants out. Back in the day, tailors would use heavier fabrics that draped really well and would create a clean, nice look. Today, most fabrics are very lightweight because most people assume that they are too hot.

The second hallmark of well-fitting pants are the pleats. If you have a single center pleat, it should go down all the way to your shoe in one straight sharp creased single line and it should just slightly open up on top.

Three, the line of the pants should be straight. there should be no breaks in the front or in the back except for the amount of break on top of your shoe in the front. N

The fourth thing I look at in pants is the knee area because if the crease hangs straight center in the front and in the back, you know you have a well-cut pair of pants. If it's slightly off to the side, to the outside or to the inside, you know an alterations tailor will have to make adjustments.

07:45 Final Tips for Great-Fitting Pants

Overall, you may think this is a lot of things for such a simple garment and yes, our standards are quite high and personally, I would say that I only have two pairs of pants that I think fit perfectly for me so high standards are a good thing because there is always something you aspire to but don't be afraid and here are a few final tips that help you in getting pants that will fit well.

Do not buy goal pants because chances are, you won't get it in the shape you want at a point in time so the pants will never fit and stay in your closet.

Do not be afraid of pleats. Most men today think that pleats are outdated but in fact, you should just look at your body and if you have bigger thighs, a bigger seat, pleats are always more advantageous for you.

In the same vein, don't be afraid of cuffs or turn ups because they provide extra weight at the bottom of your pants.
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  1. Bigsheesh

    When I was younger I used to just buy OTR and not give a crap about the fit. Now that I’m older and more experienced with fashion thanks to these videos, I am obsessed with the perfect fit so I need to tailor every piece of clothing I own. Even my condoms are now tailored fit to accommodate my slight curvature. I have an exclusive contract with Kimono.

    1. Daniel Jones

      …my first extravagance, at 21, was a made to measure 3 piece pinstripe from Burtons without anything but the cut to hold up the pants, with hidden pockets, i had it for years. The kind of skin to fall asleep in at parties and to wear the next night out. Worth the 36 quid? Not half !

  2. Paul Harlock

    Thanks for the very informative video. I like how you admitted that you only have 2 pairs of pants that actually fit perfectly. That type of cantor is greatly appreciated and makes your videos very credible. I will look forward to your future posts.

  3. Nick S

    Great video as per usual. Can you please do one on matching different coloured waistcoat, trousers and jacket? It appears to be considered tricky but some chaps seem to pull it off successfully. Is there a secret to matching three distinctly different coloured pieces? Also, could you do a video on safari jackets?

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