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    1. Sakura Ichika

      He literally deleted his comments because he knows he was wrong if your going to start a fight with someone don’t delete your comments to show your the good guy am sorry this dumbass was being mean to you guys

    1. Swingtity

      @Nic Lawrenson well my name is actually dominic. since its written with a C I am freakin Nic.E 😉

      funny thing is I usually tell the internet my name is Nic Ederson…this google account link just knows I’m lying

    1. Memento Mori

      Dude, my family’s cat passed away last weekend, and in a bid to make me laugh and distract me, a friend sent me a few of his videos, oh my God I was uplifted almost immediately. Laughter always helps me when stuff is too hard and he’s fucking hilarious

    1. Nico Barrack

      @CybertronianVillian I’m 99% sure they do have men’s yoga pants. But if not you can buy a larger pair of women’s yoga pants. Like it’s just fabric hommie, women wear “men’s” pants and shirts all the fucking time.

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