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Why women’s clothing sizes don’t make sense

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Women's clothing sizes are very inconsistent. So no, it's not you. It's the women’s clothing industry.

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    1. Katherine Dedrick

      That’s why when I buy online I always look at each brand and stores sizing chart, because I know my measurements. Especially because I’m plus size. All stores you go into should have there sizing chart available.


      OMG you’re so right. I have something like an a cup but I have a large breast. Sometimes it feels like my size doesn’t exist. When the shop assistant asks me what size I wear I just stand there like: “ehm, yeah, It’s not that easy…”

  1. Alyssa Ferreira

    Who else has never (in their life) found a pair of pants that fit them perfectly around your legs, in length, and around your hips? Because I most certainly have not. I just wear pants that are far too big for me.

    1. lepidoptery

      @Yue Kaizawa they also do free hemming for pants that cost over a certain amount ($20? $25? $40? I forget) or you can pay like $5 to get them hemmed ($10 for a special type of hem that some pants require). obviously you can’t then return them afterwards, though.

      that said, there are a number of brands that stratify petite-regular-tall and sell by waist size (ish). brands that don’t tend to be cheaper.

  2. Tofran Bohk

    I thought this was going to address the nonsense of having a single digit for a size. As a man, I get pants based on waist and inseam measurements. Women have one number. That seems stupid. They should both have waist and inseam measurements.

  3. Perfectly Imperfect 368

    This is my problems that drives me insane when I buy jeans, my hips are pretty wide while my waist is thin, so finding jeans that fit perfectly is absolutely impossible, and if I do find them, I consider it a miracle

  4. froot loop

    Why is so much of the comments section people saying this video is “cancerous feminism” ? This video doesn’t have to do with feminism, it’s about how outdated sizing charts are and why sizes vary from store to store. I’m pretty sure most of the comments didn’t even watch the video.

    1. Cloud Dreamer

      @Idkwhyievenbother the title literally says”why women’s clothing sizes don’t make any sense”. What were you expecting? This is a video about an issue that affects women. That doenst mean men dont have problems too. But this is what the video is about. Its like doing a paper about a person and getting a bad grade because you didnt talk about another person. Its not the point

    2. ーゲーマーボーイー

      Randolin Plop The video is literally called “Why Women’s clothing sizes don’t matter” they did a video about the women’s jeans problem, did you really expect for them to also say the mens problems when its not in the title?

  5. lizzy the owl

    One time my Dad and I were in SEARS looking for a women’s blazer and literally *nothing* fit my shoulders. They were fine everywhere else. We decided to go to a “32 and up” store in the same mall and when we got there the cashier said, “Well, I know the sign says we don’t have a size zero, but we do. It actually might still be a bit too big for you though.” That was literally the only thing we could find that actually fit.
    Shopping for clothes is just plain tedious, especially when you’re in the body type range where regular brands think you’re too fat and brands especially made for a larger physique think you’re too skinny to appeal to.

  6. asseater007

    women’s clothing sizes make NO sense. My clothes range from a size 10 to a size 16, depending on what i bought and where i got it from. Generally, I wear a 12 or a 14, but even that isn’t always reliable.

    1. YouTube is My addiction

      ikrrrrrr sameeeeee!!!!! I kid you not a couple weeks back I went to two stores and in store A, a size 10 wouldnt go down my chest and in store B, a size 6 was extremely loose and in the same store B another dress size 8 fit me perfectly ….like hello?????!!!!!

    2. Leslie Alanis

      Exactly! I wear anything from size 9-13 (sometimes even 7) depending on the brand. One time I bought 2 pairs of shorts the exact same but in different colors and one of them didn’t fit.

    1. lepidoptery

      @【ɐpɐɹıP ɐuɐʇıdɐC】 chinese xxxl might not look good on someone with normal proportions though (by normal i don’t mean not-chinese, i mean having a frame that’s common for your height), sometimes they don’t scale these things that well/still assume you are short.

    1. zoinks

      i can’t wear jeans cause they’re either too small that they don’t get past my thighs or they’re too long. but if i happen to one day find the perfect pair i bet they’ll be too small around my calves rather than too big cause even my calves had to be big 🙏

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