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Yoga Pants Rap

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Lyrics and Rap: Deva Dalporto
Music Track: Jan Chmelar
Camera: Aaron Fagerstrom
Deva Dalporto
Jacquie Haggarty
Cheri Hudnut –
Abbey Campbell Cook –
Rick Lund

This is for all you mamas out there rocking your yoga pants
You know who you are

When I wake up in the morning I got lots of options
Could put on a skirt made out of cotton
But that ain’t gonna happen not a chance
Cause I only wanna wear my yoga pants

Yoga pants yo yo yo yoga pants
Yoga pants yo yo yo yoga pants

They’re stretchy (uh huh) and comfy (uh huh) and so forgiving
Perfect for this crazy life that I’m living

My fashion sense died, when I had kids
Now I’m straight here chillin’ here in her crib

Don’t care if they get covered in mac n’ cheese
And they’re the only pants in which my big butt can squeeze

My muffin top doesn’t flop over the rim
And they make me look like I just hit the gym
They don’t give me plumber butt when I bend down
I even rock my yoga pants when I’m in town
I wear them to the park and to the grocery store
They’re perfect for when the kids and I hit the floor

I only wanna wear my yoga pants
I got to got to got to wear my yoga pants
I only wanna wear my yoga pants
I got to got to got to wear my yoga pants

You feel me?
Don’t you be judging me.
I don’t care if you think they’re too tight.
My yoga pants take me from morn till night.
Keep rocking your yoga pants mommies.
I’m out.

Welcome to MyLifeSuckers! I make funny videos and music parodies for moms and kids. Enjoy! And please subscribe, share and comment. I love hearing from you. xo, Deva

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    1. Anne Prado Talks

      Ohh cool! I’m starting with iMovie for now since I heard that’s the easiest lol. But I’m impressed of your editing capabilities! 🙂 I was sure you had it done professionally!

    2. MyLifeSuckers

      +Hush! Mom's Writing Thank you! So happy you like it! Yes, I edit myself. I use Premiere Pro. I find the video is really “made” in the edit and I’m a perfectionist control-freak so I like to do it myself. 🙂

    1. Ally Greene

      MyLifeSuckers I feel you should know my 6 year old loves this song so much she sings it all the time and had to get her own pair of yoga pants, which she struts around in while singing you song

  1. Poseidon Adventure

    So I raised my kids a couple of years ago (okay, the late 80’s-90’s), and I LIVED in stirrup pants. I mean, I had every color and wore them until the little stirrup material at the bottom wore away. MyLifeSuckers, I could have used you back then to give me a lift and make me laugh at myself more! But watching your videos brings those exhausting motherhood days back to me. Xoxo

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