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Yoga Pants – The Let Down | VET Tv [teaser]

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Tyler and Franco try out yoga for the first time and things get sweaty.
After a day of stalking hotties, one responds to Tyler and Franco, and she happens to be a Navy vet and a yoga instructor.

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We're here for you, we get it.

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  1. Ed 1

    As a veteran I know that when We say as a veteran usually what follows fails to represent us as a veteran so we should avoid saying as a veteran for that reason and because I have used all our allowed as a veteran statements in one comment. I’m of course saying this as a veteran. As a veteran I speak on behalf of all veterans, despite the fact that I represent less then 1% of all veterans.

  2. Anthony Sforza

    Hahaha, “She’s a prior Navy Corpsan, blueside…” There’s a red flag if I’ve ever heard one. Once got the sage advice from a Corpsman friend of mine, “As a Corpsman, I know everyone’s secrets… do not date anyone on this base. ANYONE. Also, when I tell you not to use the ice machine in the barracks, it’s good advice.”

  3. Mike Johnson

    Damnit! My 18 year old son watched this. Now, he’ smelling the hair of all the girls he encounters. I’ve had seven phone calls from pissed off dads and one from his High school administration. Thanks for being a role model!

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