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Yoga Pants & YouTube: Will These Leggings Increase My Views…and Will My Mail Guy Treat Me Nicer?

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The Wonderhussy Report 2.28.21

I needed more footage to practice learning Adobe Premiere, so I shot a short video going to check my mailbox. I got some REALLY AMAZING gifts, including these stretchy leggings…and now I'm curious to see if I'll get more views when I wear them. 

SIDE NOTE: I had to give up trying to edit this with Premiere, because my dumb self forgot to hide an offensive postcard hanging above my desk, and I had to censor it…and I haven't figured out how to do advanced stuff like that yet. D'OH! 

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  1. sledawgpilot

    We subscribe and watch all your vids because of your fun personality and creativity in finding new adventures. You’re cute but cute gets pretty boring if that’s all you’re about

  2. Inspired to Wander

    I LOVE that quilt!!!! I am a quilter, and I can appreciate the time and effort that went into making that amazing, creative work of art! I hope you display that quilt in a prominent place. Shout out to the creator! Don’t give a hoot about the yoga leggings….but I do enjoy how you can go from dressing for a desert hike to putting on a costume and makeup…..it is one of the aspects of Wonderhussy that I enjoy the most!

  3. Leann J

    I HOOTED when you showed the Barbie with arm pit hair..HAHHAAA!! That was GREAT! And the blankie was really a nice gift too…..as is all the gifts given in thanks for who you are! I LOVE my WonderHussy 2021 Calendar! I just flipped it over to March and can enjoy the great adventurist you are for another 31 days! Thanks for taking us along on all your outings chickie 🙂 So look forward to WH Wednesdays and the bonus days also!

  4. Josh Prenot

    Hey Sarah, how are you? I keep watching because you’re interesting and real, plus we have a lot in common (like love of exploring and traveling to new places). You have always been easy on the eyes with or without makeup but it’s really your awesome personality that I like the most, so please don’t change. I have a quick question though, do you ever get scared of traveling alone? It seems like everywhere you travel to is safe and hopefully you’ll stay that way. Not gonna lie, was distracted by your alluring entrance, and LOVED the mask, I laughed for a solid minute.

  5. jim martin

    Thanks a lot Sarah, I knew I shouldn’t have watched this before bedtime. Now I have to try and sleep with the kickstand down, I might have to take this matter into my own hand, lol. I don’t think those would stay on all that long if your man comes over, my ex had a few pairs of shoes she called horizontal heels, they were plenty comfortable laying down she said.

  6. Sweet Sally

    My son walked by when I was looking through your videos. He’s 28 & said, ha, Yoga pants! I gave up years ago making my rear end look better. I was born with a washboard. I’ve tried every exercise & suggestions available but it’s still flat. It’s my DNA & the way I’m made. Yeah, I could get implants but I’m way to old for that. Wouldn’t do it anyhow. Here’s my salute to all the “flat butts”. United we represent.

  7. Don Miller

    It’s hard to get back into the routine once you stop working out. My advice is to get back to it when you can. The first thing you might notice is energy level post workout vs not working out

  8. Volkin9

    I watch you because you have GREAT content and you have a classy, likeable personality. You looked awesome in those yoga pants but I think you looked equally as well in the outfit you changed into when you got home from picking up the mail. Straw hat looks good on you!


    Just ordered a pair of those leggings for my own experiment! You inspired me! haha That said, for myself I really enjoy that you’re NOT all dolled up most of the time… I think it’s even quite brave of you, considering what most female youtubers are like. Very few are willing to go on camera without looking perfect. It’s honestly really refreshing….just your whole style of casual vlogging is super easy to digest. You get to the point, don’t fuss around or repeat yourself a dozen times like most, you keep the focus on your subject and not vainly on you like a lot of other female youtubers. I really repsect your style and how you go about things with your channel. So that’s my two cents! That and you would probably be super fun to hang out with, even though I’m a pretty hardocre introvert, I get the vibe that you wouldn’t drain me. High key jealous of those broads swiggin’ whiskey with you! (I’d have to bring my own spiced rum though!) haha Maybe one day!

  10. KamikazeYazzie

    I like these vlogs of you just driving around Vegas, and doing your errands. It felt out of place when you started posting these personal videos, but now they are my favorite. Keep it up.

  11. Shad Van

    I subscribed to the channel for the off road adventures and the fact you’re laid back and not a hard core survival channel or trying to hauck the latest merch or the latest $500 sleeping bag from an advertiser. Also I also live in southern nevada so I know some of those locations and go there myself and discovered new locations i would like to try. As far as the yoga pants go. Thats just a bonus. I wish more women were as comfortable with thier bodies as you are.

  12. wreckclues

    It’s not the yoga pants. I came to you from Lost and Abandoned Places and just finished binge watching the last year. You’re well spoken, easy to listen to and your life history many of us can relate. You visit interesting places this New Englander will likely never get too. I guess the word I’m looking for is that you’re genuine. Please don’t change.

  13. bigdaddeo76

    My mother-in-law got into quilt making when she retired 25+ years ago. If she worked on it by herself, some took around a year to complete. That one looks fabulous! I like both hats, but I think the one with the turquoise is you. Oh, and let the vain girls do the yoga pants. Stay the way you ars, genuine!

  14. bubblesezblonde

    LOL I LOVE yoga/spandex leggings as my true passion is cycling. They seem to keep my poor abused body’s meat on the bones so to speak as I ride. And they wear like kevlar—not to mention how MUCH skin on my lower torso they have saved! You rocked those btw woman! I’ll never forget the first pair I saw.. I was SOO jealous that she could rock the look! I ALMOST asked her then (2018) where she got them…Anyways still COVID -binging your channel in reverse and enjoy it! Thanks for helping some of us that can’t get out much until vaccine becomes available. 🙂

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